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With success stories across online businesses, trading platforms, e-commerce and content creator platforms,
Merlin BI combines advanced proprietary AI technology with LLMs to produce advanced reports in plain English about what you need to know from your data.

Unlock data-driven growth

Merlin BI goes in depth in your data to uncover insights on opportunities to be competitive and understand your users that would otherwise be overlooked.

Take better decisions

Merlin BI keeps you updated on trends and anomalies, offering insights into their root causes, so you can make fully informed decisions.

Don't waste more time browsing dashboards

Merlin BI is your AI-powered senior analyst available anytime to explain in plain English what you need to know from your data.

Empower your users to understand their data

Merlin BI can also act as a personal data analyst delivering reports in plain English individually to each of your users.


Think of Merlin BI as your trusted senior data analyst, proactively delivering actionable insights through timely, tailored reports for your management team.
Additionally, our Embedded Insights API allows you to provide personalized insights to your users and partners on your own platform.

Insights that will set you apart

Merlin BI generates reports for management teams, containing the deepest data insights that can be uncovered only by the power of AI.

  • Designed for the decision makers: Ensure that all users, regardless of their data proficiency and attention span, can finally leverage insights from the big data you have been collecting for years. Merlin BI presents insights in concise reports with the context and explanations necessary for a busy manager to make an informed decision.
  • Analysis at the scale of AI: Get insights of a depth that would be out of reach to your competitors, uncovered by our cutting-edge machine learning technology.
  • Enhanced team collaboration: Stimulate team collaboration with shareable insights, allowing your organization to collectively harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

Insights ready for action

Merlin BI sets itself apart from analytics tools by eliminating the need for extensive dashboard analysis, rather offering reports with data-driven recommendations that decision makers can immediately action on.

  • Up-to-date anywhere, anytime: Access the most up-to-date information in reports refreshed with the latest data in real time.
  • Step by step recommendations: Alongside insights, get tailored recommendations with suggestions of what steps you could take to get started.

Insights that were previously lost in averages

Merlin BI identifies patterns to provide a comprehensive unverstanding of your users' activity, ensuring you don't miss hidden issues and opportunities beyond what you would be able to see on your dashboards.

Embedded insights for your users

Merlin BI offers a way for you to deliver personalized insights to your own users about their data on your own platform.

  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate Merlin BI's reports and insights directly into your existing platform for a frictionless user experience.
  • Personalized Insights: Tailor reports to each individual user, delivering insights that compare their performance to peers with similar characteristics, ensuring actionable information for better decision-making.
  • User Empowerment: Enable all users, including the most data illiterate, to harness the potential of their data, making it an asset instead of a headache.


We are running a private beta with select customers. Get in touch to hear more.

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